Susan J. Baptista Photography

Capturing The Beauty Of Nature


Susan J. Baptista is an avid landscape and nature photographer, with a passion for photographing raptors.


Her photographs have been published in newspapers, calendars as well as being used in informational brochures for a raptor rehabilitation center.

She has intense knowledge of raptor behavior which allows her to capture them in their natural surroundings for others to enjoy.


With years of experience, she has grown to enjoy photographing the beauties of nature. Her collection includes, scenic landscapes of the great outdoors, intimate close-ups of wildlife, and the beauty of wild birds. She has a knack for capturing and bringing to life these marvelous scenes.


Renowned photographer John Fielder says about Susan, "She has a great eye..."


Living in the Rocky Mountains provides many opportunities to explore, discover and share these experiences. No matter which way one turns, there is the beauty of nature. Take a few minutes to enjoy these magnificent images.


contact: [email protected]